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2021 Annual Photography Contest


by Ineligible Staff Photographer :)

Pick up that camera/phone! You're invited to participate in this year's photography competition, for which the theme is "Pets of Plainfield", featuring those important non-human members of our community, our pets.

This year, we'll feature some of the entries as they come in, using our social media accounts and the hashtags

#petsofplainfield and #pplphotocomp21

... so that we can all see more of the entries as the year goes on.(Feel free to join in this way if you like, but to enter the competition you must use the entry form).

Who's your favorite cat/dog/lizard/spider/guineapig etc, and what picture captures them in all their majesty and/or goofiness? Share them with us via the entry form, and not only will your pet's likeness enter our digital archive, but we'll share lots of them on our social media and your entry will have a chance to be judged the winner of this year's competition!


This year's overall first prize will be $200, with runner-up prizes of $100 for 3x runners up. (The same person cannot receive more than one prize.) Winners will be notified using contact details provided to the Library via the entry form. Winners will be notified after the judging period concludes on October 18th, 2021.

How to enterl

We are accepting entries until October 1st, 2021, solely via the online entry form. Entries received after that date, or via any other method will not be valid.

Entries are digital only: we can't accept any entries in printed form. Please make sure that your entry is in a commonly-used file format (e.g..png), and measures at least 1000 pixels in at least one of its dimensions.

To enter, you'll need to fill in an entry form,
located here:

When you've submitted your entry, keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, because we will be posting some selected entries as we go through the year, and you might see your entry pretty quickly! Did you see the link to the entry form? Here it is again!

Enter HERE

How will the judges select the winners? They'll look at the pictures to see how they fit into the selection criteria below and will use them as a guide to help pick what in their judgement are the best pictures this year. (That doesn't also mean the best pets, because as we know they are all the best!) You can also take a look at previous entries, as well as the examples below, on other topics for inspiration.

Good luck!

Criteria for Winning Photographsl

Photographs are selected through a blind judging process (i. e. photographer names are not presented to the judge). They are evaluated on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Relationship to contest theme
  • Composition - the arrangement of elements in the scene.
  • Cropping - the removal of parts of an image in order to improve the image’s composition.
  • Focus - the clear and sharply-defined condition of an image, as in “This image is in focus,” meaning it is sharp and well-defined.
  • Lighting - time-of-day or artificial illumination
  • Color - accent or overall effect
  • Timing - right-place-at-the-right-time
  • Emotion - such as joy, sadness, whimsy, etc.
  • Unique perspective
  • Creativity

Each of the winning photographs from other years
demonstrate the use of nearly all of these elements.


Winning Example


Theme-related weinerman
"Weinerman" by William Monroe
First Place - Amateur
2008 Contest, Storefronts & Shopping Scenes
Composition 7465 "Golden Lamps" by Jackie Schnoop
Second Place - East Side,
2010 Contest, East Side, West Side, All Around the Town
Cropping 7043 "North Avenue Scene" by Paul R. LeGrand
Second Place
2006 Contest, Plainfield In Focus


"Strong Family" by Louis Hickman
First Place, Black & White
2007 Contest, Plainfield - A Multicultural Community
Lighting monroe "Netherwood Christmas" by William Monroe
First Place,
2006 Contest, Plainfield In Focus
"Front Street - Thanksgiving Eve" by Victor D. Reynolds
Second Place -Professional
2008 Contest, Storefronts & Shopping Scenes


"Heron" by Dan Damon
Third Place,
2009 Contest, Four Seasons in Plainfield
Emotion Thief "Thief!" by William Monroe
First Place - East Side,
2010 Contest, East Side, West Side, All Around the Town
Unique perspective carts "Carts" by Sonja Sekely-Rowland
Second Place - Amateur,
2008 Contest, Storefronts & Shopping Scenes
Be creative but keep it simple parkrow
"Park Row" by Tony Grey
Third Place - Professional,
2008 Contest, Storefronts & Shopping Scenes


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